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Breaking Through


Because EVERYBODY can!

Breaking Through
the Barriers of Disability

Breaking Special Grounds

Because EVERYBODY can!

Empowering people through holistic personal training

Eitan (אֵיתָן Hebrew for Strength) helps people with special needs achieve goals they never thought possible, with the help of personal trainers that work with mind, body & spirit.

Our key principles

  • Holistic approach – combining physical training, nutrition, education, communication and behavioral approaches
  • 1-on-1 mentorship
  • Training together – people with & without special needs
  • Tailor-made experience
  • Professional trainers

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Our story

Wounded in action: we wanted to make sure no one gets left behind

Eitan’s founders, Yaniv and Hodel, are childhood friends who served together in the special forces of the IDF. When Hodel was seriously wounded in action, it led to a life-changing realization that life should be lived meaningfully. They decided to dedicate their lives to bettering society. Combining their belief in equality and the redemptive nature of sport, Yaniv and Hodel created a way to empower people with special needs by making holistic personal training available to ALL.

Join The "Eitanim" Workshop!

Spend an hour learning Krav Maga from certified instructors with Autism. Meet the founder of the program, a veteran of an elite unit in the IDF, who was wounded in service, and created this program as part of his rehabilitation process.

Transforming trainees into part of our team

After a short period of personal professional training, many trainees experience a significant improvement in their self-confidence and communicative and behavioral abilities. This led us to create the "Eitanim" program - a program that enables us to integrate trainees into the company as salaried employees.